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There's no better, faster way to experience a Shamanic Journey than by using Shaman Magic. Shaman Magic is the ULTIMATE Shaman app for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch - with REAL drum recordings using REAL Shaman theta frequencies from around the world.

Shamanic Journey - ★★★★★ by drbillencke - 16 September 2011

As a Dowser & Natural Healer, I find the Siberian drums & Rain work best for me. I use this app for sleeping, along with other apps, & this one is by far the most effective! I sleep deeply, have happier dreams, & awake feeling much better than usual. At age 64, & having much ruin & pain to my body & brain (huge amount of radiation for cancer 20 years ago), this app works for me as a miracle. I especially like that it doesn't require headphones, I put my iPhone under my pillow & don't disturb my wife. This is a truly wonderful & "real" app - a great background or white noise for peace & quiet, better yet for healing sleep. I'm deeply grateful for it! I love it just as it is! Thank you for creating it!!

Dr. Bill Encke, Chiropractic Physician

All Shamanic Journeys begin with a trance state caused by specific theta frequency rhythms. CD's with Shamanic drums can be very expensive. Shaman Magic goes way beyond what you get from any Shaman CD. You have Shamanic Rhythms from:

* Africa
* Modern (USA)
* Native Americans
* Siberia
* Tibet

These amazing drum / instrument patterns will get you into a deep Shamanic theta trance quickly! This is much more powerful than hypnosis and these specific types of trance rhythms go back thousands and thousands of years.

The Shamans used these frequencies to enter trance states for Astral Projection, Healing, Remote Healing, Shape Shifting and other amazing Shamanic powers. It's all about the 5th dimension and this app is designed to take you there quickly!

Unlike Shaman Drum CDs, you also get background sounds that you can mix in with the trance rhythms in any order you choose which include:

* 126.22 Hz - powerful frequency for subconscious separation and exploration
* Forest Nature Sounds
* A soft rain storm
* A brook / stream
* Thunderstorm

You also have Help and Info on how to do a Shamanic Journey built-into the app!

Shaman Magic will help you unlock your hidden potential and explore worlds that you may never imagined existed in the multi-dimensional realms of things hidden, the astral plane and more. Experience a real life Shamanic journey.

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